The satellite program offers an extended reflection on Sensing Nature by proposing various activities and exhibitions related to the theme.

Sept 2 - Oct 30, '21
Dawit L. Petros
Aug 21 - Oct 23, '21
JJ Levine : Alone Time

JJ Levine

Aug 21 - Oct 23, '21
Floralia VR

Sabrina Ratté

Sept 23 - Nov 28, '21
Refuge : Après l’incendie / After the Fire

Artiste: Andreas Rutkauskas
Commissaire: Geneviève Chevalier

Sept 30 - Oct 9, '21
Trombone Solos at Odd Hours (co-diffusion with L’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal)

Scott Thomson

In the form and spirit of his Trombone Solos at Odd Hours, Scott Thomson plays seven 30-minute solo trombone concerts in the main hall of the Darling Foundry. These fully improvised concerts start at different times and take advantage of the natural resonance of the Foundry’s architecture. With no conventional concert seating offered to them, the audience is invited to circulate to experience the exhibition while he plays; there is no intentional link between the music and the exhibition.

Sept 8 - Oct 16, '21
Shuvinai Ashoona, Jean-Benoit Pouliot and Guillaume Adjutor Provost
Sept 8 - Oct 9, '21

Sylvie Readman, Denis Rioux

Sept 11 - Oct 16, '21
Laurence Pilon and Mel Arsenault
Oct 23 - Nov 27, '21
Jérôme Nadeau and Chris Dorland
Ce qui se trame derrière les terrils

Jérôme Bouchard

Sept 15 - Oct 23, '21
Ireland and Sound Mirrors

Bertrand Carrière

Sept 7 - Nov 7, '21
This Should Have Been Done A Long Time Ago

Group C  : Petrija Dos Santos, Joanni Grenier, Luigi Iagulli, Sigrid Patterson, OK Pedersen, Ali Rodriguez, Gilles Samoisette, Mick Sand, Chih-Chien Wang et Isabelle Bredt

Sept 9 - Oct 10, '21
L’édition comme finalité

Presented by Les rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie
Curator : Serge Allaire

Panel: L’édition comme finalité

Presented by les rencontres de la photographie en Gaspésie
Curator and animator : Serge Allaire
Invited photographers : Judith Bellavance, Bertrand Carrière, Serge Clément et Geneviève Thibault

Pour un herbier

Benny Nemer

Sept 2 - Oct 16, '21
Pascal Grandmaison