Enki and the Gallery of Mysteries

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Born from a collaboration between MOMENTA Biennale de l’image and Dpt., Enki and the Gallery of Mysteries is an educational video game about contemporary art, intended for children 6 to 8 years old.

To Play

enki.momentabiennale.com/fr (French)

enki.momentabiennale.com/eng (English)

(Browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox)

The Adventure

Many stories are told about the Gallery of Mysteries. Some people say that it whispers, and others claim that it moves around in the forest when night falls. In reality, you are about to discover one of its greatest secrets … As you pass by, you wake up Enki! This strange spirit watches over a collection of portraits, but one of the artworks has disappeared. Enki needs you to help complete the collection. Explore the gallery, solve Enki’s challenges, and maybe you’ll be able to lay your hands on the missing artwork!

The Project

This interactive experience was designed to introduce children in cycle one of elementary school to works by Québec artists. The pedagogical objectives of the game are: development of a sense of observation; introduction to analysis of images; stimulation of imagination through digital creativity; and initiation to reading. Offered free of charge in English and French, the game is a wonderful parent-child activity or a stimulating art-appreciation activity in a classroom context.

When they embark on this adventure, children come into contact with works by artists Annie Baillargeon, Patrick Bernatchez, Claudie Gagnon, Adad Hannah, Hua Jin, Moridja Kitenge Banza, JJ Levine, Marisa Portolese, Skawennati, and Jonas St. Michael.

How to use the game in the classroom?

A pedagogical guide has also been designed to encourage students to reflect on the works displayed in the game, which features the theme of the portrait.

Download the pedagogical guide