The Gallery of Mysteries

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Born from a collaboration between MOMENTA Biennale de l’image and Dpt., The Gallery of Mysteries is an educational video game about contemporary art, intended for children 9 to 12 years old.

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(Browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox)

The Adventure

The Gallery of Mysteries has always existed. No one knows when this art gallery, deep in the woods, was built or who it belongs to. Many legends surround this strange and fascinating place.

Out of friendship for Nour, whose camera was lost upon daring to venture into the Gallery of Mysteries, you go to look for the misplaced object. To get it back, you will have to conquer the challenges of the Gallery of Mysteries.

The Project

The pedagogical goal of this interactive experience is to encourage young people to take the time to look at the photographs, express themselves about what they see and feel, and compare and contrast the works with other types of images. The adventure consists of a wonderful parent-child activity or an exciting activity of artwork appreciation in class for students. The adventure lasts about 30 minutes.

Upon entering the Gallery of Mysteries, the participants discover works by artists:

  • Dominique Blain
  • Raphaëlle de Groot
  • Chun Hua Catherine Dong
  • Jinyoung Kim
  • Emmanuelle Léonard
  • Caroline Monnet
  • Nadia Myre
  • Juan Ortiz-Apuy
  • Karine Payette
  • Celia Perrin Sidarous
  • Yann Pocreau
  • zipertatou