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MOMENTA recommends the four following routes to facilitate your exhibition visits from borough to borough. With these unique itineraries, you’ll get the full MOMENTA experience: art exhibitions, culinary experiences and must-sees along your journey through the city of Montreal!


The Mile-End borough is considered the hub of Montreal’s alternative culture scene. Lively and eclectic, this area is a buzzing hive combining artist studios, thrift shops, cafés and great local restaurants. Artists, students and families alike share this festive and inclusive space!

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Sainte-Catherine Street, a bustling and emblematic artery, is a true reflection of Montreal’s city life. Known for its many shops, restaurants and cultural spaces, this MOMENTA route will allow you to discover the street’s artistic core which stands out with its rich theatre scene and year-long festivals. Come night time, Sainte-Catherine transforms into a vibrant cultural entertainment site with its movie theatres and concert halls.

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North – South

The North-South Route spans from Ville-Marie’s central district to the Cité du Multimédia neighborhood on the edge of the St. Lawrence River. With its lively streets and characteristic skyscrapers, this sector combines modernity and historical charm. It harbors museums, cultural centers and a flourishing culinary scene. Don’t miss out on ending your MOMENTA visit with a stroll along the riverside!

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Concordia Campus

With the Concordia Campus Route, discover these youth-driven meeting grounds centered around education. With prestigious Concordia University at its heart, the atmosphere of this area is vibrant and inspiring. Its streets are no strangers to students on their way to class or chatting away in cafés.

The borough offers a variety of attractions with several nearby restaurants, cafés and bookstores. Parks and green spaces are also close at hand to sit back and relax. The Concordia Campus is a creativity-filled area that offers rich learning experiences to all those present.

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