Abbas Akhavan

Abbas Akhavan (born in Tehran, Iran; lives in Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal, Canada) is interested in the domestic sphere, where hospitality and hostility are sometimes interlaced. His work, combining drawing, video, sculpture, performance, and installation, is modulated by the specificity of the elements around which it takes shape: the architecture that houses it, the economies that surround it, the people that frequent it. In recent projects, Akhavan has turned his gaze to the outdoors, exploring domestic landscapes such as gardens, backyards, and other arranged spaces around the house. His works bring into focus the relationships between reproduction and mimicry through his use of various references drawn from the fields of theatre, landscaping, and vernacular architecture, among others.

Teheran, Iran
Countries / Nations
Iran / Canada
Tiohtià:ke / Mooniyang / Montreal, Canada