Maryse Larivière

Maryse Larivière is an artist, author, and academic researcher. Her current research focuses on the influence of women’s writing on contemporary art and its emergence in Canada. In Heart in Mind, Seascape Body, a collage of images in which a human figure and landscape fragments overlap, Larivière offers an unprecedented encounter with the body, nature, and their material and discursive representations. Our reading of the artwork is complemented by our reading of Un petit quelque chose, a poetry of the intimate that plunges us into a troubling and dystopian dream. Larivière’s highly critical prose is an invitation to rethink our relationships with objects as they are linked with our own humanity. By bringing together senses and words, Larivière shares her interest in the material aspects of the artwork and the sensory and affective reception of it.

Exhibited work(s):
Heart in Mind, Seascape Body (2018)

1978, Montréal, Canada
Countries / Nations
Montréal, Canada