New Red Order

Adam Khalil (Ojibway, born in the United Snakes; lives in New York and in Copenhagen, Denmark), Zack Khalil (Ojibway, born in Newton, United States; lives in New York, United States), Kite (Oglála Lakȟóta, born in Sylmar, United States; lives in Montreal, Canada, and in Tulsa, United States), and Jackson Polys (Tlingit, born in Kichx̱áan; lives in New York, United States) form the current configuration of New Red Order, a public secret society that takes a critical yet humorous look at desires for Indigeneity and at the “authenticity” imperative that is often imposed on individuals identifying as Indigenous. NRO explores the attraction to Indigenous epistemologies and the ways in which colonizers attempt to appropriate them, both intentionally and unintentionally. Through interdisciplinary projects, NRO sets out to destabilize these colonial attitudes and expand Indigenous agency.

Countries / Nations
Ojibway, United Snakes / Ojibway, United States / Oglála Lakhóta, United States / Tlingit, United States