Patricia Domínguez

In the video installation The Isle of Dogs; a curse in reverse, Patricia Domínguez examines business districts—emblems of economic liberalism—in which a corporate mentality furtively channels acupuncture, massage, yoga, and other employee-retention strategies into a single place. Domínguez presents this commitment to well-being as a form of instrumentalization and confinement by businesses. After identifying the problems and ailments that commonly occur in these types of closed environments, she created her own “corporate” healing mythologies. These are presented in five stations offering an assortment of items that allow the body or spirit to be metaphorically healed by the power of artificial or natural objects.

Exhibited work(s):
The Isle of Dogs; a curse in reverse (2017-2019)

1984, Santiago, Chile
Countries / Nations
Santiago, Chile / Madrid, Spain