Raphaëlle de Groot

In the exhibition Entre mer et terre, Raphaëlle de Groot fashions the second phase of an artistic experiment that began during her stay in Minganie in 2016 and 2017. Through an installative form, de Groot metaphorically engages the figure of the archipelago, as the installation is articulated around the plurality of voices heard in Minganie (Innu, Paspéya, and Cayen communities). Displaying various objects and images, she delves into the often-invisible relationships between human, cultural, or identity contexts and the material world. Here, she examines materiality: the printed image proves to be a malleable object that can be cut up, sewn, folded and unfolded, worn down, installed, and spread out in space. Building bridges between the living and the non-living, de Groot reconfigures our connection to the world, weaving a material and sensitive archipelago out of relationships that are as essential as they are invisible.

Exhibited work(s):
Garde-penser (2019)
« La peau ne meurt jamais » (2019)
Subsistances (2017)

1974, Montréal, Canada
Countries / Nations
Montréal, Canada / Orsigna, Italy