Anne Duk Hee Jordan: Intimacy of Strangers

Sept 4, 2021Jan 2, 2022

In the exhibition Intimacy of Strangers, artist Anne Duk Hee Jordan evocatively teases out a few of the planetary connections among Monarch butterflies, amphibians, bacteria, mushrooms, crabs, and a myriad of other creatures. She imagines a world where anthropomorphic relations between objects and subjects are disrupted, weaving sensual and symbiotic reciprocities into a narrative by exploring the idea of a lasting partnership and commitment among different entities. The exhibition addresses the diversity and fluidity of existence through community and inter-species equity. By debunking established notions of nature, culture, and technology, Jordan envisages possible paths for a living-together, a “becoming-with,” on a damaged planet.

Exhibited Artists

Anne Duk Hee Jordan
Korea / Germany
Korea / Germany