BUSH Gallery: Diffracting. Of Light and of Land

Sept 8Oct 23, 2021

In the exhibition Diffracting. Of Light and of Land, BUSH Gallery presents works partly produced in summer 2021 during a residency in Secwepemcúl̓ecw and examines alternative photographic processes and the political implications of site-specific creation. Emerging from their activation within the territory, the works bear witness to the influence of light on organic materials, undoubtedly altered as it passes—here, allowing a plant to nourish itself through photosynthesis; there becoming an archive of time spent on the land together. Together, the artists highlight land as a living entity and the many cultural inflections it engenders.

Exhibited Artists

Metis / Tāłtān / Secwépemc
Metis / Tāłtān / Secwépemc