Gemini: TEKENÍKHEN (twins)

Sept 8Oct 21

Gemini: TEKENÍKHEN (twins) is the third incarnation of Delaronde’s Gemini project originally initiated in 2020, and the artist’s first solo exhibition in Tiohtià:ke, the ancestral territory of the Kanien’kehá:ka, where she was born. Now conceived as a multimedia installation, the work continues and expands her quest for ancestry and self-awareness. The acts of becoming-animal and becoming-earth which manifest in a video performance are part of a cosmic horizon of metamorphic cycles that accompany bodies and souls on their passage between the celestial and earthly worlds.

Exhibition leaflet containing texts in accessible language.

Exhibition produced in partnership with OPTICA.
This performance is co-commissioned by Bonavista Biennale and MOMENTA Biennale de l’image with the support of the CALQ.

Exhibited Artists

Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde
Kahnawà:ke, Canada
Kahnawà:ke, Canada