Play Mas

Sep 8Oct 29, 2023

The exhibition Play Mas explores the complex issues of masquerade within a colonial context. In this regard, Ehlers draws attention to the exemplary figure of Moko Jumbie. A god of fate in many West African cultures, Moko is said to have crossed the Atlantic to protect his people from calamity and malediction. The exhibition is centered around the video Moko is Future (2022) portraying the arrival of Moko in the city of Copenhagen. The larger-than-life silhouette wanders through the empty streets of the Danish capital, and as the antithesis of an urban environment frozen in stone, whose architecture and monuments form the archives of a colonial past, Moko shines bright.

Exhibition leaflet containing texts in accessible language.

Exhibition produced in partnership with Fonderie Darling.
The exhibition received financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

Exhibited Artists

Jeannette Ehlers
Denmark/Trinidad and Tobago
Denmark/Trinidad and Tobago