The Yeoseong Gukgeuk Project: Hijack the Gender!

Sep 5Oct 28, 2023

For jung’s first solo exhibition in North America, the Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery presents her 15 years of research, dedicated to the Yeoseong Gukgeuk Project (2008–ongoing). From an openly political perspective, the artist explores how deviation from the norm has been lived and felt within the context of Korean culture. jung’s videos and filmed performances show the aging bodies of Yeoseong Gukgeuk’s original female actors, some of whom have since passed away, applying their makeup, telling their stories, sifting through old photographs of themselves, acting out long-dormant scenes for the camera, playfully re-perform their “man-making” techniques based on the established typology of the hero, the joker, and the villain.

Exhibition leaflet in Korean.
Exhibition leaflet containing texts in accessible language.

Exhibition produced in partnership with Leonard & Bina Ellen Art Gallery.
The presentation of this exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of the Korean Cultural Centre Canada, the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism, the Korea Arts Management Service, the Fund for Korean Art Abroad, the SBS Foundation and the Korea Artist Prize.

Exhibited Artists

siren eun young jung
South Korea
South Korea