MOMENTA Creative 2023

In 2023, for the 8 creative and reflective workshops in our MOMENTA Creative educational program, collage, drawing, listening, and singing drew 340 people interested in making masks, travelling through time by listening to nostalgic songs, and exploring the liberating and self-affirming potential of singing by taking part in a karaoke session! In addition, our mediation team facilitated access to the Biennale’s 23 exhibitions for a public always more eager to discover new contemporary artworks, with a total of more than 2,300 participants.

Here are a few memorable moments:

Beyond the Mask

Give free rein to your creativity in this mask-making workshop. Bring out different facets of your personality and blur the boundaries of identity. Inspired by the work of Séamus Gallagher and led by artist and educator Maria Ezcurra, this workshop will give you the opportunity to express yourself freely by using a variety of materials to create an alter ego. You will also get the chance to embody your persona during a photographic session.

Free Your Mic

Join us for a discussion workshop around Michèle Pearson Clarke’s artwork Quantum Choir. Participants will get the opportunity to reflect on the notion of vulnerability linked to the expression of their identity, and to transform this feeling into a space for encounter. You will then have a chance to explore the liberating, self-affirming potential of singing by taking part in a karaoke session.

In numbers

  • 8 educational workshops
  • 340 workshop participants
  • 53 guided tours
  • 2 300 participants in the tours
  • 5 educational partners