MOMENTA Creative, 2021 edition

  • 7 educational workshops
  • 2 continuous activations
  • 346 workshop participants
  • 164 guided tours
  • 2352 participants in the tours
  • 11 educational partners
Imagination and Other Powerful Futures, creative and reflective workshop in collaboration with Never Was Average and the Fonderie Darling as part of MOMENTA 2021. Photo: Jean-Michael Seminaro

Here is a selection of our workshops in 2021:

Imagination and other Powerful Futures

This workshop probes the power of the imagination through the exploration of imaginary figures and fantastic stories, in an open, positive, and rewarding environment. Presented at the Darling Foundry, the workshop is anchored in the discovery of works by Tabita Rezaire and Sandra Mujinga as a space for dialogue, learning, and solidarity in which participants are invited to share their stories and to reflect on the importance of the imagination in designing futures where it is possible to dream. In a conversation led by the cultural transformers and facilitators of the Never Was Average collective, we delve into the connections among corporeality, fictions, and ancestral narratives.

Embodied Resonance

Offered by the artist and filmmaker Victoria Catherine Chan, the workshop invites participants from all backgrounds to discover the ways in which the body senses waves and vibrations, which are amplified by means of technological devices. The activity echoes the artist Jamilah Sabur’s exhibition The mountain hums under the ocean, which manifests at various levels of perception by exploring the connections among geological space, individual experiences, and the forces of nature. Although invisible and inaudible to humans, wave oscillations contribute to several meteorological and climatic phenomena. The objective of this workshop is to broaden our ways of perceiving them in an atmosphere of inclusion, dialogue, and sharing.

MOMENTA Creative, 2019 edition

  • 10 educational workshops
  • 312 participants in the workshops
  • 451 guided tours
  • 11,595 participants in total
  • 19 educational partners
  • 3 educational tools
Workshop Topographies of Cultures by Raphaëlle de Groot, Occurrence, 2019, Photo: Jean-Michael Seminaro

Here is a selection of our workshops in 2019:

Topographies of Cultures

The workshop invites individuals to gather and converse around objects and testimonies in Innu and French which were collected by artist Raphaëlle de Groot during her immersive experience in the Mingan Archipelago. Participants then create a collective assemblage that is immortalized in a video. The objective of this workshop is to create a space for dialogue and intercultural encounters between indigenous and non-indigenous people in a spirit of inclusion and sharing.

Objects as Reflections of Self

The workshop introduces young publics to philosophical notions, inviting children to speak and develop their thoughts in relation with the concepts of identity, self-representation and sense of belonging. This philocreative activity stimulates the curiosity of young people towards contemporary image practices and encourages them to question their relationship to objects through the works of the Biennale.

  • Galerie de l’UQAM
  • Supervised by the Brila team, certified practitioners of the educational model of philosophy for children