Izumi Miyazaki

In her series of self-portraits, Izumi Miyazaki composes surreal photographs in which she takes centre stage, constructing compelling images that mix the mundane, the deadpan, and the grotesque. Making use of photo-editing software to achieve a dreamy (or nightmarish) aesthetic, Miyazaki offers a critical response to the standard representations and irrational obsessions that trap women in stereotypical categories, roles, and frameworks. She is her own model—sometimes doubled or fragmented—and makes use of various objects from her daily life, food being a recurring element. Using satire and irony—her decapitated head bathing in tomato juice or acting as a cracked shell spilling a raw egg—Miyazaki addresses issues of alienation in a world full of rules.

Exhibited work(s):
Gut Feeling (2019)
Ikura (2019)
Ketchup and Mustard (2019)
Taraco (2019)
Open the Eye (2018)
Up (2018)
Bloom (2017)
Broccoli (2017)
Energy (2017)
Riceball Mountain (2016)
Sharpness (2016)
Consciousness (2014)
Nuage (2014)

1994, Yamanashi, Japan
Countries / Nations
London, United Kingdom