Games That Two Can Play

Sept 8Oct 21, 2023

The exhibition Games That Two Can Play presents the sculptural work Self Portrait with Luis Jacob (2022) which transposes, through metamorphosis, a black and white photograph by the Canadian experimental filmmaker Rodney Werden, shot in 1974. Curreri pushes this ambivalence further by transforming the portrait into a self-portrait with his partner Luis Jacob, himself a well-known artist in the Toronto art community. In the sculpture from 2022, the scene is reproduced three-dimensionally in great detail inside an eight-foot cube composed of a one-way mirror surface that reflects the light while also letting it through, creating a dizzying hall-of-mirrors effect. Curreri’s homage emphasizes that every creation involves some appropriation and contamination, a confusion of identities, a bit of mimicry, but also grotesque repetition, a dispossession of the self.

Exhibition leaflet containing texts in accessible language.

Exhibition produced in partnership with Occurrence.

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