Jamilah Sabur: The Mountain Sings Underwater

Sept 8, 2021Jan 9, 2022

In the exhibition The Mountain Sings Underwater, artist Jamilah Sabur takes inspiration from a mysterious sound that rises from the Caribbean Sea every 120 days—the Rossby whistle, a natural phenomenon caused by the oscillations of the water level and pressure exerted on the sea floor, measurable only from space. In a dispersed arrangement on the floor and walls of the gallery space, five screens play out a sprawling narrative that reflects a panoply of human experiences. Zigzagging between fiction and archive, dream and material worlds, Sabur’s work reveals an introspective choreography that reframes, from within, aural, geological, and memory-related landscapes.

Exhibited Artists

Jamilah Sabur
Jamaica / United States
Jamaica / United States