Sep 8Oct 21, 2023

With the video Liminal (2019) Watanabe immerses us in an intense and eventless sensorial experience through an hour-long tracking shot modulated by the chirping of crickets and cicadas. The images show the close inspection of a grainy surface in the colors of earth and dust in the village of Nueva Villa Paraíso in the province of Huánuco, and in the area of Tastabamba, in the Department of Ayacucho in november 2018. These two remote regions at the foot of the Andes, 600 kilometers apart, are home to the country’s poorest communities, including countless Indigenous Quechua people who suffered numerous abuses during the armed conflict. Watanabe’s work creates a liminal space that recognizes the wandering identities of these regions.

Exhibition leaflet containing texts in accessible language.

Exhibition produced in partnership with Occurrence.
The presentation of this exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of the Mondriaan Fund.

Exhibited Artists

Maya Watanabe