Mérignac Photo 2021

Apr 30Aug 8, 2021

Mérignac Photo

MOMENTA partners with the Mérignac Photo festival, which takes place from April 30 to August 8, 2021 in the city of Mérignac, France, to present two artists from Canada: Meryl McMaster and Maryse Goudreau. Under the theme “Possible Worlds”, curator Emeline Dufrennoy brings together some twenty artists from France and abroad to question our relationship to time, the interdependence between past, present and future, and the role of images in our understanding of the world.

Maryse Goudreau

Tankonautes, 2021

Tankonautes is a video work drawn from a larger ensemble titled Tank Honey, which combines art and permaculture. Arising from Goudreau’s discovery of an incongruous object, a partially buried military vehicle, on her property, Tank Honey transformed her initial archaeological exploration, in which she sought to unearth and reconstruct an unknown past, into an event that brought people together, the “Festival du tank d’Escuminac – première et dernière édition”, in 2015, then to an impulse of revitalization. In 2016, she brought forth a rural dream rethought on a local scale and closer to the community: honey production.

Meryl McMaster

As Immense as the Sky, 2019

Influenced by her ancestry, both Indigenous and Western, Meryl McMaster finds herself at the crossroads of two visions of the world. As Immense as the Sky retraces her journeys along the paths and through the immemorial landscapes of the central and southern prairies and the early colonies on the shores of provinces in Atlantic Canada. To reconnect with those who, before her, trod these lands, McMaster undertakes to make their voices resonate. Having studied the history of the migrations and the social, cultural, and environmental encounters of her Indigenous and European ancestors, she reactivates their knowledge at the sites of these historical confrontations.